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enjoying the view from the hospital's window
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enjoying the view

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Sunday, 13-Sep-2009 19:08
Jaundice boy
adik boy dah nak masuk 2months old baru nak tepek cerita ni. nak buat camna, mommy bz (read : lazy). kali ni cerita pasal jaundice pulak. adik boy was admitted in the hospital for 5days because of the jaundice!

24th july 2009 (friday) - petang lepas discharged from the maternity hospital the nurses from the government clinic came. they checked on adik boy and said he has a slight jaundice. they asked us to bring adik boy to the clinic on the next day. they took a blood sample on his heel. the bilirubin was 279. doctor cakap ok lagi sebab still below 300. and we were asked to go to the general hospital on sunday (sebab sabtu + ahad clinic tu tutup)

26th july 2009 (sunday) - brought adik boy to the hospital. kali ni the blood sample were taken from his hand pulak. lepas tu kami disuruh balik and give them a ring 2hrs later for the result. we were told that adik boy’s bilirubin was 349! and was ordered to bring him back to the hospital instantly! but we decided to bring him back to the maternity hospital where he was born for further treatments. since adik boy is breastfeeding, mommy pon kena duduk hospital jugak. baru ja checked-out dah kena check-in balik

27th july 2009 (monday) - 12hrs after adik boy went through the phototherapy session his bilirubin was 347. the doctor said we have to stay until adik boy’s bilirubin reaches 200 and below

28th july 2009 (tuesday) - his bilirubin was 255. darling husband, kakak baby, mak and abah came few times a day. i terribly missed having kakak baby by my side

29th july 2009 (wednesday) - bilirubin has decreased to 238. tak boleh balik lagi. i was so miserable and worried. luckily the nurses were very helpful and friendly

30th july 2009 (thursday) - adik boy’s bilirubin was 209 and the doctor decided to release us. tapi lepas 2 hari kena bawak adik boy untuk follow-up. oh ya. adik boy dah jadi 'anak angkat' hospital and all the nurses. budak paling glamour sebab duduk paling lama kat hospital tu. hahaha!

1st august 2009 (saturday) - he’s getting much better. the bilirubin was 170

10th august 2009 (monday) - increased to 212. dah susah hati balik. we’ve tried all the petua given but this time we tried to gave him air halwa

12th august 2009 (wednesday) - his bilirubin has decreased to 168. not so good yet, but at least it’s decreasing

13th august 2009 (friday) -last reading was 140 and the doctor asked us not to worry anymore. lepas ni tak payah check lagi. alhamdulillah

adik boy has the longest jaundice! kakak baby dulu pun went thru the phototherapy session for 24hrs ja. tak tau lah apa punca jaundice ni. we’ve tried many things. bagi minum waterhestnut juice, bagi mandi air daun, beli ubat kat kedai cina lepas tu mandikan adik boy, put him under the morning sun. pun tak menjadi. our last hope was air halwa. alhamdulillah memang turun. so for those yang ada anak kena jaundice ni, boleh try bagi air halwa. insyaallah elok :-)

di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. maaf zahir dan batin andai ada tersalah silap sepanjang perkenalan ini. kad raya yang tak seberapa ni khas untuk semua. silalah ambik dan tempek di fp masing-masing yer

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